Minutes in Brief

September 12, 2018

Gretchen Karr, a member of the Lancaster County Planning Commission, presented an overview of the County’s revised plan, places2040. After a number of questions and general discussion, and upon motion by Richard Boas, Jr., second by Jeff Funk, the Directors endorsed the plan and requested that staff prepare a letter of endorsement to forward to the County Commissioners.

Upon motion by Mike Julian, second by Rob Hess, the minutes of the August 8, 2018 Directors’ Meeting were approved.

Tom Blefko updated the Directors on the Advertising Task Force’s efforts to prepare a list of social media concerns and questions. The final list was presented to the Directors and after lively discussion, the consensus was that the Association should move ahead on this project by circulating the list to LCAR Owners/Managers for any additional feedback, then forward these concerns to surrounding Realtor Associations in an effort to secure “critical mass” on the issues prior to communicating with PAR or the Real Estate Commission.

The Directors received updates on the CPA Work Groups regarding the Bright MLS conversion and discussed the pending transition of MRIS and Trend users into the system by December 31st of this year.

The Directors also authorized LCAR’s attendance at the 2019 Clareity MLS Executive Workshop scheduled for February 2019.

After reviewing the 2017 Financial Statements and monthly reports through July 31st of this year, the Budget Committee presented a Draft Budget for 2019. The Committee also reported on the impact of Bright MLS on LCAR’s Budget, including deferred payments for LCAR’s MLS Assets and the potential impact on Bright dividends of paying for the Central PA legacy systems. The Committee also noted the Draft included a “pass-through” of NAR’s $30 dues increase for 2019. Upon motion by Richard Boas, Jr., second by Jennifer King, the Directors approved the 2019 Budget.

The Directors reviewed the minutes from the Community Partnerships and Communications Committees which required no action. Doug Foltz encouraged everyone to participate in LCAR’s 30th annual celebration of the TLC Charity Dinner scheduled for October 11th at Fireside Tavern.

The Directors reviewed membership statistics and staff presented the new member applications, indicating that they have all been completed in full with each individual applying for an appropriate classification of membership. Upon motion by Ferne Silberman, second by Mike Julian, the Directors approved the new members.

The Association’s Treasurer’s Report, as well as the Real Estate School Report, were reviewed and upon motion by Jeff Funk, second by Richard Boas, Jr., were accepted.

The Directors reviewed financial results from the 2018 Golf Outing, as well as communications from the IRS regarding its proposed regulation on the 20 percent deduction for “pass-through” business. They also reviewed an update from PAR regarding Association Health Plans, information relative to ShowingTime’s newsletter and pending changes to Supra’s eKey applications.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

NOTE:  These minutes have not yet been approved by the LCAR Directors; corrections will follow, if necessary.

Lancaster County Association of Realtors®

Lancaster County Association of Realtors®