Minutes in Brief

October 11, 2017

Upon motion by Lynn Zimmerman, second by Sharon Kress, the minutes of the September 13, 2017 Directors’ Meeting were approved.

Upon motion by Richard Boas, second by Ferne Silberman, the Directors approved a package of recommendations by the Banquet Task Force which included the following:  eliminating free parking for attendees, eliminating food at the reception, keeping the door prize budget at a maximum of $2,000 while attempting to secure sponsors, retaining the Affiliate and Guest ticket price of $65 per person and initiiating a charge for Realtor attendees of $25 per person.

Upon motion by Cal Yoder, second by Richard Boas, the Directors approved the 2018 Budget including the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors dues increase, the $50 Realtor discount if paid by December 31, 2017, the Installment Plan allowing for four equal monthly payments and a revised Initial Service Fee for any Realtor transfers from another Realtor Association in which the individual is a member in good standing.

Staff updated the Directors on the Bright MLS conversion, indicating that user name and password issues, as well as concerns regarding IDX pricing, are being reviewed and corrected. Conversion is scheduled for October 23rd with FlexMLS remaining available in “read only” mode until October 31st.

Tom Blefko updated the Directors on the Education Task Force’s recommendation to use the State Rules & Regulations for the next training period. Staff will work with Tom and the Task Force in developing a timed outline for approval by the Real Estate Commission for continuing education credit for this program.

The Task Force also recommended that the Association Bylaws be changed to reflect the National Association of Realtors’ requirement for conducting the member Code of Ethics ongoing training on a two-year cycle. The deadline to complete this training is December 31, 2018.

The Keystone Board of Directors agreed to discontinue its Annual Reception at Triple Play, approved payment of year-end dividends to the Lancaster and Lebanon Associations and decided to keep the corporation “active” until June 30, 2018. At that time, any residual funds will be distributed between the Charter Shareholders.

Richard Boas reported that the members accepted the Nomination Committee’s report presented at the Quarterly Forum on Thursday, October 5th, as follows:  President-Elect Richard Boas, Jr.; Secretary Ferne Silberman; Treasurer Tom Blefko; Directors Christina Diehl, Jeff Funk, Donna Giovingo, Rob Hess, Bron Irwin, Mike Julian and Jeff Sisco. In addition, Doug Foltz will serve as President, Jennifer King as Immediate Past President and the following Directors will continue to serve their elected terms:  Greg Bardell, Brian Davison and Melinda Zimmerman.

The Association Operations, Communicaitons and Community Partnerships Committees, as well as the LCAR-PAC Trustees, reported meeting but required no action.

The Directors reviewed membership statistics and staff presented the applications, indicating they have all been completed in full, with each individual applying for an appropriate classification of membership. Upon motion by Tom Blefko, second by Lynn Zimmerman, the Directors approved the new members.

The Association’s Treasurer’s Report, as well as the MLS and Real Estate School Reports, were reviewed and upon motion by Doug Foltz, second by Tom Blefko, were accepted.

The Directors received communications regarding Columbia Borough’s Lead-Safe Program, Pennsylvania’s new regulatory Radon Fee increase, sales statistics through October and a tax reform updated from NAR.

A discussion regarding Clareity’s™ MLS Executive Workshop resulted in a motion by Lynn Zimmerman, second by Doug Foltz to underwrite the cost of this program for Jeff Peters, who serves as the Association’s representative on the Bright™ MLS Board of Directors, and staff. The motion carried.

The Directors reviewed the Association’s Long Range Plan and removed references to the creation of a regional MLS. Upon motion by Sharon Kress, second by Lynn Zimmerman, the Directors approved the remaining items of the plan. It was noted that the Association will hold its next planning event int he fall of 2018.

Tom Blefko presented information regarding “wire fraud” and a recommended office policy suggesting that all sensitive or personal financial information should be handled in-person via telephone or in writing rather than through email attachments which can be hacked.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

NOTE:  These minutes have not yet been approved by the LCAR Directors; corrections will follow, if necessary.

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