Minutes in Brief

October 10, 2018

Upon motion by Jeff Funk, second by Jennifer King, the minutes of the September 12, 2018 Directors’ Meeting were approved.

The Directors received updates on the conversion of MRIS and Trend into Bright MLS, as well as an information sheet covering the various statuses used in the Bright database.

Ferne Silberman reviewed notes from the Quarterly Forum held on September 21st at the Eden Resort indicating that the Nominations Committee Report included the following nominees:  Ferne Silberman, President-Elect; Tom Blefko, Secretary; Greg Bardell, Treasurer; and Paul Berdiner, Corinn Kirchner and Joe Younger as Directors. In addition, Richard Boas, Jr. will serve as President, Doug Foltz as Immediate Past-President; and the following Directors will continue to serve their elected terms as Directors:  Christina Diehl, Jeff Funk, Donna Giovingo, Rob Hess, Bron Irwin, Mike Julian and Jeff Sisco. There were no nominations from the floor, and the nominations were closed. Following the business portion of the meeting, Jim Goldsmith presented a program on Real Estate Agency in Pennsylvania.

The Association Operations Committee reported meeting and reviewing the Association’s financial position, the status of the MLS conversion and the Advertising Task Force’s recent survey regarding social media advertising. The Committee also reviewed the 2019 Budget as approved by the Directors at their September 12th meeting and noted the impact of Bright’s decision regarding fee billing and payment for FlexMLS on LCAR’s budget. The Committee also recommended that deferred maintenance on the Association’s property, as well as upgrades to its technical infrastructure, should be implemented within the next year.

The Community Partnerships Committee reported that the TLC event will host approximately 190 participants and 11 event sponsors. This event will be held October 11th in the Willows at Fireside Tavern in Strasburg.

The Government Affairs Committee reported on Lancaster County’s recently-revised Comprehensive Plan and provided the Directors with copies of the Association’s endorsement letter. The Committee also reported that the LCAR-PAC Campaign raised over $23,000 this year.

Ferne Silberman reviewed issues raised at the PAR Winter Business Meetings, including the Legal Services Report and the Legislative Status Report.

The Directors reviewed membership statistics and staff presented the new member applications, indicating that they have all been completed in full with each individual applying for an appropriate classification of membership. Upon motion by Jennifer King, second by Richard Boas, Jr., the Directors approved the new members.

The Association’s Treasurer’s Report, as well as the Real Estate School Report, were reviewed; and upon motion by Jeff Funk, second by Jennifer King, they were accepted.

Staff presented the Directors with copies of the Elaine Vehovic Volunteer of the Year Award nomination form and the 2019 Committee sign-up sheets. Staff also indicated that the LCAR Dues Installment form was provided to all members via email on October 9th.

Tom Blefko reviewed communications from Matt Steger regarding affiliate participation in a “read-only” version of Bright MLS in order to obtain access to the ShowingTime function. After a discussion regarding Bright’s position with regard to Non-Realtor participants, the Directors concluded it was unlikely there could be any further consideration of such participation in the immediate future. It was noted that the MLS Evolved Task Force discussed this issue several times during the planning stages for Bright MLS during its meetings in Baltimore.

Staff updated the Directors on the PA Real Estate Commission’s backlog in processing license applications, course approvals and Real Estate School renewals.

Upon motion by Tom Blefko, second by Donna Giovingo, the Directors approved Richard Boas, Jr. as LCAR’s delegate to the 2019 NAR Convention.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

NOTE:  These minutes have not yet been approved by the LCAR Directors; corrections will follow, if necessary.

ll follow, if necessary.

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