Use the Map!

For most of my buyer clients I set up searches by school district. But for the occasional buyer who has a very specific region in mind or wants to search by distance to their workplace, I employ the Map function. The Map is also a great tool for including or excluding specific areas.

How to Use the Map

Fist, search by Residential Sale. From there you will click on Map Search or use the Map Icon. Then zoom in to your desired region. You will see various icons in the tool bar at the top right. Allow your mouse to hover over each of them for identification. You will have to play around with them a bit to determine which is more suitable for your purpose. I most often use the Radius function for distance from home to work, or the Freehand Polygon to include or exclude specific areas.

Pro Tip:  For best results and ease of use . . . before employing the Map, fill in one or more pieces of location information such as County, School District, City or Zip Code. This will automatically zoom the Map to the region you are working in.

Jennifer Augustine-Lewis, ReMax Pinnacle

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