Some of the things I love most about this business are the factual and outrageous stories we hear from other agents, appraisers, lenders, attorneys and title agents. Just when you think you’ve heard it all and just when you think people can’t get any crazier, we’re proven wrong. And we share. Who hasn’t stormed back into the office and said to the closest pair of ears, “Just wait til I tell you about these fruitcakes!”

Years ago I had a buyer who was building in a rather upscale neighborhood. They signed the Construction Agreement in January, and completion was scheduled for late August. In the meantime they were in a short-term rental. Spring arrived . . . along with the rains . . . think monsoon . . . think Noah! That year all the builders wanted, and needed, an additional two weeks to finish jobs. When I explained this Act of God to my buyers, the wife went absolutely ballistic. I patiently explained that we had an exceptionally rainy spring, and all builders were backed up. Her comment? “Well, it wasn’t raining when we signed the contract.” Hmmm. Just how does one respond to that?

Then there was the homeowner who moved here from out of state. Upon living here for a few months, they called their township office to complain that they had no hot water. The lovely and patient secretary explained that the township had nothing to do with providing them hot water. After a few minutes of baffled conversation, the secretary handed the call to the township manager, “Here . . YOU take this one.” The manager explained that the public water comes into the house and each house has a hot water heater. “No, no,” she said. “My husband told me our hot water comes from that big blue tank up on the hill . . . it’s the township’s hot water heater.” Well, alright then.

An appraiser, after being on the road all day and consuming too many cups of coffee, just couldn’t wait any longer so asked to use the powder room . . . lifted the seat . . . and what should appear but a SNAKE. We are all privy to all sorts of things . . . sorry, I couldn’t resist!

And of course there are the ones who are just simply nuts. This condition is certainly not limited to any industry, any locale, any socio-economic level or any office. Nuts grow everywhere. They do have a place in society, though, as they make us laugh!

And that’s what we’re looking for. We want to make you laugh, and we want to hear from you! What are the funniest real estate stories you have? The craziest situations? The dumbest comments? Please don’t use names, companies or property addresses . . . nothing that will identify anyone.

So let’s laugh a bit as we all certainly need it! Email your stories to Gwenae at The Communications Committee will read each and every one and will decide which ones are the funniest, and this may just need to be an ongoing series! Who knows . . .the best ones might win a place in the Annals of LCAR History!

Nancy Sarley, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices HomeSale Realty

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