Most, if not all, of us use ShowingTime to schedule and manage showings. Did you know that you can notify the seller that you are finished with your showing through the ShowingTime app? This is a great habit to develop to improve the showing process for sellers.

Open the ShowingTime app (not the Supra eKey app) when you are leaving the showing. Click on the property you are leaving. You can find the property under “Showings – I Have Requested”. There will be a button that says “Done Showing?”. Click this button, and then click “Ok”, you would like to let the seller know that they can return home.

ShowingTime will immediately notify the seller that your showing is finished.

The “Done Showing?” button is available 30 minutes prior to your appointment and 30 minutes post the appointment’s end time.

Detailed instructions and a short video about this process are available at when you search in help for “How can I tell the seller I am done?”.

Give this a try, and get into the habit of providing this quick and easy courtesy to sellers so they know when they can return home.

Lisa Naples, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices HomeSale Realty

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