April 10, 2019

Upon motion by Jeff Funk, second by Ferne Silberman, the minutes of the March 13, 2019 Directors’ Meeting were approved.

The Directors reviewed updates to Bright MLS, including fixes to listing management, open house time now showing correctly, property sketches available as PDFs for Central PA, fixes to financial calculators and updates to searches and reports. In addition, the Directors received an article on Coming Soon listings and understanding this status in Bright.

The Banquet Task Force reviewed the Banquet Cost Matrix compiled by staff and asked to tour the newly renovated Wyndham Resort to confirm that the site will be ready to hold the 2020 LCAR Banquet before making a final decision. In addition, the Task Force made the following recommendations:  retain the $25 cost for Realtors, keep the approximate cost of a meal (rounded) for guests, utilize food stations, split the program (installation and awards) and add additional door prizes. The Task Force deferred discussion on sponsorships until the Planning Retreat.

The Long Range Planning Steering Committee reviewed a cost matrix of possible sites and asked staff to obtain final cost figures from Hotel Bethlehem, Gettysburg Hotel and Loews Hotel Annapolis. The Task Force selected 25 possible attendees and will communicate with them upon selection of a site. The group recommended a Background/Orientation Session to be held on Tuesday, September 10th at 8:00 a.m. to highlight current LCAR policies and organization structure, brief attendees on the strategic issues and review the format for the Retreat.

The Association Operations Committee reported meeting and reviewing the financial statements, committee structure, membership statistics and Bright work group updates. In addition, the Committee reviewed status reports on the 2020 Banquet, the Financial Policy Committee and Long-Range Planning Task Force. Staff reported on the progress of securing contractors for building maintenance and noted that the upgrade of computer hardware has been completed. A review of accounting/membership software is scheduled for the second quarter of this year.

The Communications, Community Partnerships and Government Affairs Committees reported meeting but required no action.

The LCAR-PAC Trustees reported meeting to discuss the candidate interviews for Lancaster County’s Board of Commissioners and unanimously endorsed Josh Parsons, Craig Lehman and Ray D’Agostino.

The Directors reviewed membership statistics and staff presented the new member applications, indicating that they have all been completed in full with everyone applying for an appropriate classification of membership. Upon motion by Doug Foltz, second by Jeff Funk, the Directors approved the new members.

The Association’s Treasurer’s Report, as well as the Real Estate School Report, were reviewed; and upon motion by Jeff Funk, second by Paul Berdiner, they were accepted.

The Directors received results of the recently conducted Lancaster County Smart Growth polling, an update on the final ruling of association health plans, background on the class action lawsuit of Moehrl vs. National Association of Realtors, an article on Facebook disabling target options on housing ads, as well as articles from the Wall Street Journal regarding how Realtors add value for their customers.

A lengthy discussion on market statistics resulted in a decision to hold them in abeyance until such time as discrepancies in the listing component are resolved.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

NOTE:  These minutes have not yet been approved by the LCAR Directors; corrections will follow, if necessary.

Lancaster County Association of Realtors®

Lancaster County Association of Realtors®