May 13, 2020

Upon motion by Tom Blefko, second by Joe Younger, the minutes of the March 11, 2020 Directors’ Meeting were approved.

The Banquet Task Force was unable to meet as planned in order to discuss options for changing the current format and/or venue for the Annual Banquet. The Directors agreed that due to the inability to visit other venue options that LCAR should move forward with the current format and venue for the 2021 Banquet.

Discussion regarding the lack of attendance for the annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon resulted in a recommendation to cancel this event. Upon motion by Tom Weik, second by Tom Blefko, this recommendation was approved. It was recommended that LCAR Volunteers be acknowledged at the Annual Banquet prior to the presentation of awards, and they will be guests of the Association.

LCAR staff provided a Q&A document regarding Understanding the Off-MLS Property Policy including Fines and the Appeal Process, Coming Soon and Office Exclusives and Public Marketing.

Staff also reported that Bright MLS is holding several webinars regarding Virtual Open Houses, Showings and Tours. In addition it was reported that the Commercial Work Group is continuing its efforts through the local work group.

Greg Bardell reported that the Community Partnerships Committee is concerned regarding its ability to adequately plan for the October 8th Annual TLC Charity Dinner due to the COVID-19 mandates. With local businesses closed or struggling, the concerns include a decline in ticket sales, businesses being unable to donate live and silent auction items, sponsorships and venue restrictions. The Committee asked staff to contact TLC regarding the impact of LCAR’s annual donation on their budget and ability to keep their doors open.

The Committee recommends that the traditional dinner and prize format be revised for 2020. A suggestion was made regarding hosting a drop-off event at LCAR that would allow members to support TLC with personal item donations as well as monetary contributions. This event would include festivities, contests, smaller scale fundraising efforts in addition to food trucks or happy hour drinks.

After a lengthy discussion the following suggestions were made:  scale back the event with just dinner, live auction items only and the grand prize format; an online auction/virtual event open to the public; and a Charity Walk or other type of outdoor event to raise funds.

The Directors also discussed the possibility of an Association donation to match funds raised by LCAR members or committing to fund the shortfall over the typical contribution. Greg will share these suggestions with the Committee and ask them to make a recommendation for the next Directors’ Meeting scheduled for June 10th.

The Communications Committee reported meeting but required no action.

The Outing Task Force reported meeting and discussed whether to proceed with the event as originally planned. CDC restrictions on golf cart usage could limit the number of golfers, food and drink may be limited and fundraising for a charity could be jeopardized. The consensus of the group was to wait 30 days to see what restrictions may change for the summer and to consider a “stripped down” event.

Staff reported that the LCAR-PAC Reception on top of the Griest Building has been rescheduled for Thursday, September 10, 2020. The Directors were updated on House Bill 2412 indicating that the Bill passed the PA House and was assigned to the Senate Community Economic and Recreational Development Committee for review. It is anticipated that the Committees will hold a hearing on the Bill for consideration by the full Senate by the end of this week.

The Directors reviewed membership statistics, and staff presented the new member applications indicating that they have all been completed in full with everyone applying for an appropriate classification of membership. Upon motion by Joe Younger, second by Richard Boas, Jr., the Directors approved the applications.

The Association’s Treasurer’s Report and the Real Estate School Report were reviewed; and upon motion by Tom Blefko, second by Greg Bardell, they were accepted.

The Directors reviewed information provided by LCAR, PAR and NAR regarding COVID-19 Updates and COVID-19 Reopening Phases. The Directors also received information from PAR regarding the release of “best practices” and two COVID-19 standard forms — Property Access Notice and Health Screening Acknowledgement.

The Directors discussed at length LCAR and PAR’s efforts to move Governor Wolf to approve real estate as an essential business. They also discussed the County Commissioners’ decision to defy the Governor’s order and move Lancaster County to the “yellow phase”. The Directors were advised that no action was taken due to the “Emergency Declaration Order” and State Supreme Court’s ruling that Governor Wolf is acting within his authority.

Ferne indicated that PAR’s Sellers Property Disclosure Task Force is continuing its efforts to review changes for the SPD and will provide an update at the next meeting.

The Directors were informed that the negotiation of a Proposal from Supra regarding the extension of the current Lockbox Contract has been postponed until further notice. It was also noted that Supra will not charge for eKEY service in the month of May.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

NOTE:  These minutes have not yet been approved by the LCAR Directors; corrections will follow, if necessary.

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