I know you’ve heard of LCAR-PAC . . . but do you know what it does for YOU? LCAR-PAC was formed in 2003 to ensure that we Realtors here in Lancaster County have the ear of our elected officials in Harrisburg, Lancaster and Lancaster County when it comes to issues facing our industry. For example, remember when there was a push to make sprinkler systems mandatory in ALL new construction, therefore adding an estimated $8,000 – $10,000 to the cost of a new home? LCAR-PAC was instrumental in advocating to defeat those proposed regulations that would have mandated sprinkler systems in all new residential single-family dwellings. Remember when, in order to continue funding Ag Preservation in the County at extraordinary sums, the Ag Board was looking to increase the Transfer Tax on all home sales in the County? LCAR-PAC lobbied our County officials to show them just how detrimental that would be to homeownership. An increase in the Transfer Tax is often one of the first places County and State organizations look to when their funding shrinks. This one is still, and will most likely always be, an issue.

Your Government Affairs Committee interviews officials and candidates and the questions every elected official, every candidate for local office gets asked is, “What is your stance on increasing the transfer tax?”, and, “How is that property tax relief coming along?” Their answers will determine who the Committee, and in turn, LCAR-PAC, recommends to you the voters for office each and every election cycle. All of these issues would seriously impact our industry. The above issues are just two examples of what LCAR-PAC does for each and every one of us, and more issues come across our industry on a regular basis. You’ve all heard of Super PACs. Well LCAR-PAC is certainly not a Super-PAC, but your donations make a difference as to how well our elected officials hear our concerns. And they DO hear us, and they DO listen to us as evidenced in the examples above.

But you ask, “How can I assure that my elected official hears what I have to say?” On June 6th you will have that opportunity . . .  a one-on-one chance to speak what’s on your mind with your State and County representatives. LCAR-PAC is having their Greist Building event — a rare opportunity to see Lancaster from atop this historic building. Not for the faint of heart, the views from the top are stupendous! Light hors d’oeuvres and beverages will be served by the Hamilton Club staff. A $99 contribution will give you one ticket to this event, and $200 gives you two tickets. Space on the top is limited, so don’t wait. This is a wonderful time to mingle with associates and officials and to just enjoy the evening. Get your ticket, have your questions ready and we’ll see you at 5:30 p.m. June 6th at the Top of the Greist!

Nancy Sarley, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices HomeSale Realty

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