During the past year when we’ve spent more time in front of our laptops and in our home offices than ever before, many licensed real estate agents have had the opportunity to pursue additional education to earn credits toward a Broker’s License, Certifications or Designations.

Did you know that in order to serve as an LCAR Officer — President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer — one must have a PA Real Estate Broker’s License?

I reached out to agents in our Association for their thoughts on additional education, their preference for online, virtual or classroom instruction and whether or not they are pursuing a Broker’s License.

“I have pursued additional education and was working on my Broker’s License prior to COVID. I would much rather be in-person as I think it allows for a level of conversation and sharing of experiences that you can’t get online or virtually.” S.K.

“I am working toward my Broker’s License and Luxury Certification. As much as I used to love the classroom atmosphere, I have really grown to enjoy online learning. I can get up at 5:00 a.m. and take my class before my day starts. I recently completed a class on lead generation that was surprisingly useful and informative.” S.D.

“No designation or Broker’s licensing courses yet, but our brokerage does in-house training and lectures which I have found really useful.” J.A.

“I have not taken more courses; but when I do, I prefer classroom education.” R.F.

“I am one credit away from sitting for my Broker’s License. I have adapted to online learning during COVID-19. I wish the appraisal course would have been with a live instructor or Zoom. I loved the Real Estate Law course — probably my favorite. That was in the classroom and fun to interact. That’s the part I miss, the interaction with other Realtors.” J.R.

“I always do Continuing Education and have gotten several Designations but not a Broker’s License. I usually do some of each, but this year I have taken all virtually and will do so this year, too. I enjoyed the Listing Strategies for the CRS!” P.Y.

Finding online and virtual classes during the last year has been a challenge. But those that are seeking Broker’s Courses and need to do so within a 10-year time frame have found schools that offer the appropriate courses needed to meet Broker’s License requirements.

Every other year when it’s an even-numbered year, we as real estate agents need to take 14 hours of continuing education for our license renewal. Like other local schools, the Real Estate School of the Lancaster County Association of Realtors offers courses online — To encourage continued education for our membership, The Michael Mastros Memorial Scholarship is offered quarterly to LCAR members. Applications are available and reviewed anonymously by the Community Partnerships Committee. $350 is awarded to one Realtor member each quarter to help with continuing education or courses towards a Broker’s License or Designations. Click here for a link to the Second Quarter Michael Mastros Scholarship.

Wendy Wisch O’Grady, Realty One Group Unlimited 

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