When setting up your new listing for appointments in ShowingTime, there are a few considerations to ensure ease of use by everyone who will be using this program, including agents, inspectors and appraisers.

Home inspectors do not have access to set up inspections online, so they typically call the appointment center. If you have not enabled the appointment center to take appointments, the home inspector will need to contact you, the listing agent, directly. Often the listing agent tries to redirect the home inspector back to ShowingTime, unaware of the fact that the settings in ShowingTime are prohibiting the inspector from setting up the appointment. To enable the appointment center to take appointments by phone, simply select “yes” to this question which is the very first one in the setup screen. The second question is to allow showing agents to request appointments online which you should answer appropriately depending on your listing.

A newer question was added below these two questions which is “Allow Showing Agents to Request Virtual Appointments?”. You have three options . . . In-Person and Virtual Appointments, Virtual Appointments Only and In-Person Appointments Only. Be sure to answer this question.

Coming soon ShowingTime will offer a live video platform for virtual showings available right from the mobile app. Details are available in the Help & Support section.

Make sure your seller’s information is entered correctly, and encourage them to download the app for easier scheduling.

Don’t forget that the feedback form is customizable. You can create your own list of questions for showing agents to get the best feedback for your sellers.

Lisa Naples, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices HomeSale Realty

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